Chicken Boy and Zeppelin Music Shark Around Highland Park.

Chicken boy and Shark around Highland Park looking for all the spots I painted.

The last photo is not in Highland Park, it's on Fletcher Drive in L.A, but they paid a visit to the billboard where the truck I painted originally on Avenue 57 is currently featured.

Scrap Metal Truck for Everloving Records.

A version of the original scrap metal truck I painted in Highland Park last February is now up on a billboard on Fletcher Drive in L.A, next to Zebulon Cafe Concert. I created this alternate version for Everloving Records, I painted digitally the big speaker sound system in the back to replace all the scrap metal, and painted my version of the ever-loving records logo on the door.

Thanks to J.P Plunier and Andy Factor for the opportunity to have some my art on a billboard in L.A.

'Plein Les Mirettes' art show opening 04/08/17

My art show opening was last Saturday at Civil Coffee in Highland Park, it was a very exciting afternoon, meeting new people and old friends. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and purchased some of my prints and original paintings. Merci!

Thank you also to Alan and Alex Morales for featuring my work for the next 3 months in there beautiful Civil Coffee in Highland Park, and thank you Framebridge for framing all my paintings!

Photos by David Maziarz